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  • Polar Table

    Tags: Polar, Sailing

    For a description of polar diagrams have a look at Create a polar diagram


    What information is in a polar table and diagram

    The reason we want to have polar tables and diagrams is to get an … more


  • B&G Fastnet Bus information

    Tags: BandG, Sailing, Fastnet

      This is the general information on the bus used by B&G (Brookes and Gatehouse) H2000 and H3000 systems (and probably also the H1000)


    Fastnet cable

    The system is terminated by a 100 ohm … more


  • Create Polar Diagram

    Tags: Polar, Sailing

    This is a howto, describing the process of creating a polar diagram for your sailing vessel. Most terms were new for me as well, so that's why I made this page as a reference. See also this article … more


  • Zeus Touch

    Tags: Sailing, BandG

    Some info on the new Zeus Touch and the GoFree Wireless Wifi-1 module

    The Zeus 7 and 8 inch do have NMEA 0183, it's not mentioned in the specs, but the video cable (sold seperately) also has NMEA … more


  • H-link

    Tags: BandG, Sailing

    The H-Link is the connection between an H2000 or H3000 and a PC. It is also used to connect the H3000 to the Zeus unit (not the Zeus Touch).

    There is some difference between H2000 and H3000 H-link: … more


  • WinGPS

    Tags: WinGPS, Sailing

      Hier een aantal tips & trics voor WinGPS Voyager van Stentec, onder andere gebruikt bij de 24 uurs race.



    Maak een waypoint bestand aan met alle boeien, in Voyager is het daarnaast … more


  • H2000

    Tags: H2000, Sailing, B and G

    Info on the maintenance of the H2000 system from B&G (brookes and gatehouse)


    Introduced in: 2001?

    Update in 2005 (new H2000), flash card, different PCB, extra NMEA input.


    I no longer have … more


  • B and G

    Tags: Sailing, electronics, BandG

    Page about all the Brookes and Gatehouse (B and G) marine electronics system.


    Schemas and circuits of the H2000


    Info on the H3000


    Detailed info on the Fastnet bus used by B&G, to send … more


  • Create BSB files for your KAP sea charts

    Tags: Sailing, Charts

    Some sea charts are just released as KAP files, without the accompanying BSB file. If you run into problems importing the KAP files, there is a way to generate the BSB files.

    For example, these New … more

  • Analysis of sailboat electronics

    Tags: Sailing

    What would be the ideal high end sailboat instrument system so let’s have a look at the components we need (not yet thinking about how to integrate them all):

    Some displays on the mast (20/20, … more

  • B and G Wind bearings replacement

    Tags: Sailing, B and G

        The official B & G bearings for the wind angle and wind speed are quite expensive. Why not buy some 3rd party bearings for 10% of the original price.

    Type: SFR2-5ZZ

    These should match the 213 … more