• API Management DTAP lessons learned

    Tags: API

    With API management we have seperate environments for Development, Test and Production.

    The best way to move an API from one environment to the other is through GIT at this moment.

    https://docs. … more

  • Troubleshoot IIS Client Certificate issues

    Tags: iis, certificates

    IIS has the option to require client certificates, but setting this up requires all settings to be set correctly.

    The question

    The customer question was that during a security audit, the server … more

  • Azure API management tips & tricks

    Tags: Azure, API

    Just some random notes on Azure API management:

    Parse JWT in Azure API management policy:



    API management and … more

  • Raspberry Pi and the dynamixel controller

    Take a look at my new article about the Dynamixel servo's and how to control them from a Raspberry Pi without a CM controller

    control-dynamixel-with-raspberrypi more

  • Control Dynamixel AX-12 with NETMF

    Tags: Dynamixel, NETMF

    How to control multiple Robotis Dynamixel AX-12 from a .NET Micro Framework environment.

    The first step is to wire everything up, we use port 0 and 1 for serial RX and TX, and digital port 2 for … more


OpenSeaMap is an extension of OpenStreetMap, check out this chart with all the navigational aids. You can help and edit the map and add navigational features.

WinGPS 5

Voor zeilers: WinGPS 5 Voyager is het beste navigatie programma! 1800 kaarten met wekelijkse updates, soepel scrollen over de kaart, polaire informatie, getijden, uitgebreide routes (inclusief overgangen wantij)