Sailing, OpenSeaMap and Robotics

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Bekijk de pagina's over het maken van een polair diagram, of de B&G Hydra/H2000 informatie voor wedstrijdschepen en de Fastnet bus. The new Zeus Touch.
Verder een lijst met verschillende (wedstrijd) navigatie programma's, het importeren van boeien/waypoints in WinGPS en calibratie tips & trics.
Sail simulator is een mooie manier om in de winter op de PC te (wedstrijd)zeilen, met NMEA uitvoer, zodat gelijk in WinGPS (Pro/Voyager) ook de route gevolgd kan worden.


  • Raspberry Pi and the dynamixel controller

    Take a look at my new article about the Dynamixel servo's and how to control them from a Raspberry Pi without a CM controller

    control-dynamixel-with-raspberrypi more

  • Control Dynamixel AX-12 with NETMF

    Tags: Dynamixel, NETMF

    How to control multiple Robotis Dynamixel AX-12 from a .NET Micro Framework environment.

    The first step is to wire everything up, we use port 0 and 1 for serial RX and TX, and digital port 2 for … more

  • Create BSB files for your KAP sea charts

    Tags: Sailing, Charts

    Some sea charts are just released as KAP files, without the accompanying BSB file. If you run into problems importing the KAP files, there is a way to generate the BSB files.

    For example, these New … more

  • Analysis of sailboat electronics

    Tags: Sailing

    What would be the ideal high end sailboat instrument system so let’s have a look at the components we need (not yet thinking about how to integrate them all):

    Some displays on the … more

  • B and G Wind bearings replacement

    Tags: Sailing, B and G

        The official B & G bearings for the wind angle and wind speed are quite expensive. Why not buy some 3rd party bearings for 10% of the original price.

    Type: SFR2-5ZZ

    These … more


OpenSeaMap is an extension of OpenStreetMap, check out this chart with all the navigational aids. You can help and edit the map and add navigational features.

WinGPS 5

Voor zeilers: WinGPS 5 Voyager is het beste navigatie programma! 1800 kaarten met wekelijkse updates, soepel scrollen over de kaart, polaire informatie, getijden, uitgebreide routes (inclusief overgangen wantij)