H3000 Analogue displays

Only attaches to the GFD, this is done by a SIMNET cable.

H2000 Analogues display (and some older systems)

There are the synchro displays, with the COS and the SIN connections. The connections are made to the H2000 processor or an expansion processor.
Pin explanation:
  1. COS
  2. SIN
  4. 0V
  5. gnd?
Pin 4 is left unconnected for the WIND ANGLE displays (215-HL-016)
Pin 4 and 5 are connected for all displays with a scale starting at 0 (windspeed, depth, boatspeed)

H1000 displays

these seem to be FASTNET displays, with 2 fastnet connectors to daisychain multiple displays.

Older analogue displays

Hydra/Hercules 190/290/390, maybe others as well.
These are the 2ma Current driven displays, just a positive and a negative pin, together with 2 connectors for lighting: 12V
Be carefull with the analogue windspeed display, it's coil is quite weak, it takes only 200uA for full reading!
The magnified wind has a 1ma current.
Resistance between the 2 pins is 150 ohm (200 ohm for the 360 degree between each pin)
Info from here: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=102184
This is a picture of a Magnified Wind analogue: 
  • top 2 connectors for 12 volt light
  • middle 2 for driving the display
  • bottom 2 unused? passthrough for alarm?
 There is also a 360 degree analogue with 3 input pins (G,B and R)