Welcome to my site about (Microsoft) Technology, Sailing (creating polair diagrams, B&G Hydra/H2000, Fastnet bus) and about Robotics.

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  • AzureDevOpsAuditing with Sentinel


    Azure DevOps streaming was recently introduced. This allows you to directly get the Azure Audit logs into a SIEM solution like Azure Sentinel, without writing custom Powershell/Rest code.

  • Moved my blog to jekyll

    Instead of upgrading my Orchard instances, I decided to move to Jekyll hosted on github pages.

    A cleanup of old content was done as well

    Some lessons learned:

  • CISO's guide to Microsoft Secure Score


    (this post will be updated with new tips and tricks, and when changes happen on Secure Score)

    Microsoft offers a Scoring website for the IT Security status of it’s cloud services called Secure Score. This Secure Score (https://security.microsoft.com/securescore) mentions all the steps to take to enhance security.

  • B and G Wind bearings replacement

    The official B & G bearings for the wind angle and wind speed are quite expensive. Why not buy some 3rd party bearings for 10% of the original price.

    Type: SFR2-5ZZ

  • Azure API management tips & tricks

    Just some random notes on Azure API management:

    Parse JWT in Azure API management policy:


  • API Management DTAP lessons learned

    With API management we have seperate environments for Development, Test and Production.

    The best way to move an API from one environment to the other is through GIT at this moment.

  • Troubleshooting IIS Client Certificate issues

    IIS has the option to require client certificates, but setting this up requires all settings to be set correctly.

    The question

    The customer question was that during a security audit, the server returned no root certificates, and not a list of trusted certificates. Error: No client certificate CA names sent