The B&G Autopilot is available in 2 versions, a high and a low power device.

Be careful, the autopilot doesn't tack very well or handles windshifts badly, read this:


Triton Pilot AC12 and AC42 (no updates yet?)

H3000 ACP pilot (latest software version R2.03)

H2000 ACP pilot (1.4 and 1.7 for use with H3000???)

Network pilot (?)


Some more tips:

Error codes

Code Description on GPD/GFD
100 Pilot not Commissioned
101 Pilot Compass Failure
102 Rudder Sensor Out of Range
103 Rudder Drive not Responding
104 No (or Low) Boat Speed
105 System Compass Failure
106 No NMEA Data
107 <NOT USED>
108 Poor Quality NMEA Data
109 No (or Low) Wind Speed
110 No Optimum Wind Data
111 Current Trip: Drive or Clutch
112 Network Communication Error
113 Memory Card Changed - Reset End Stops
114 Memory Card Error
115 Drive Power Failure - Check Supply
NO PILOT Network Communication Error - cannot detect Pilot Computer