Some info on the new Zeus Touch and the GoFree Wireless Wifi-1 module

The Zeus 7 and 8 inch do have NMEA 0183, it's not mentioned in the specs, but the video cable (sold seperately) also has NMEA connectivity.

The Wifi-1 unit is connected with a special ethernet cable to the Zeus. The Wifi-1 unit has 2 ethernet ports.


Operator Manual

Installation Manual

V1.0 Software


Installation is very easy, connect the ethernet wire between the Zeus Touch and the GoFree Wifi 1, connect both to the power and you are ready to go.

We connected an H2000 system to the Zeus Touch through the video/nmea cable. The nice thing about the Zeus is that we can enable/disable every NMEA 0183 sentence we want (incoming and outgoing). We connected to the H2000 Performance processor NMEA port, the other option is to use the NMEA FFD.

The Zeus touch received an IP address of

The Wifi-1 unit received an IP address of, port number 10110 for NMEA0183 clients

Depth sounder

The Zeus Touch 7 and 8 inch modles have a build-in Depth unit. I need more info on this