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Page about all the Brookes and Gatehouse (B and G) marine electronics system.
Info on the H3000
Detailed info on the Fastnet bus used by B&G, to send custom data to your (20/20) displays.
Change the bearings on your 213 Type Masthead Unit (213 MHU), add a clinometer or a temperature meter, have a look at the sensor page
Interested in building a custom sailboat instrument system , take a look at http://sailboatinstruments.blogspot.com/

Hulp nodig

neem contact met me op om B&G problemen op te lossen, mail naar bandg@oppedijk.com

For sale / te koop

Analogue Depth metres (H2000, sin, cos, common) 

Analogue Magnified Wind (H190/390 style, 1ma type)

H190 System:

Master keyboard (2x)
Display units (3x)
Mounting units.

Depthsounder Hercules (LCD is not good anymore)

Contact me at bandg@oppedijk.com


1979 - 190

1984 - 290 (first system with polars)

1986 - 390

1988 - Hydra 330 (H330)

1991 - 690 (separate performance processor)

????? - H2

2001? - H2000 (separate performance processor available)

2008?- H3000 (performance processor included, just a software update to unlock)